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Track Review: Neon Dreams // Don’t Go Hating Me Now

Hailing from Halifax, Canada, Neon Dreams is a vessel for self-expression, hope and positivity. A cathartic project, Frank Kadillac (vocals) and Adrian Morris (drums) embrace their emotions and share them with listeners. Founded in 2015, the dynamic duo has performed under this moniker within the alternative-pop genre – it’s difficult to categorise, but bear with me. In 2019, Neon Dreams began redefining their sound to embrace a more pop-rock sound. Why? It’s all down to personal circumstances.

After experiencing a bout of insomnia, Kadillac head to the Sedona Meditation Center Mother Earth Retreat where he dabbled in meditation to treat his “condition”. Detoxing from life, Kadillac found himself recalling distressing memories which had been blocked out. After going through this “detox”, he decided to promote hopefulness and write music from an optimistic place instead of the previous sadness; hence, the evolution of Neon Dreams was born. The latest addition to their discography is ‘Don’t Go Hating Me Now’.

The follow-up to their well-received single ‘Sick of Feeling Useless’, ‘Don’t Go Hating Me Now’ leans further to their pop side and is a captivating piece of pop-rock. While buoyant and cheerful, the track has a lyrical seriousness touching on elements of self-empowerment and embracing hope. Of course, it is not only lyrics that make the song. The complementary balance between instrumentation and bold vocals emphasises the sincerity, genuineness and honesty of ‘Don’t Go Hating Me Now’.

Side note: ‘Don’t Go Hating Me Now’ is the second single off Neon Dreams’ upcoming album The Happiness of Tomorrow.

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