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Track Review: Never Had A Love Like This Before // David Taro

With thunderous indie-rock arrangements tinged by blues and soul, singer-songwriter David Taro is not one to be pigeon-holed or ignored. Tender, heartfelt and sincere, the UK-based artist sings about everything from fairy tales to football players. Raised in a musical family, his father and uncle were part of the 60s group Grapefruit, David embraced his passion for music early on. From Britpop-inspired bands to his transatlantic indie-pop duo with Kate Stanton, David Taro traverses all genres. The latest addition to his discography is the single ‘Never Had A Love Like This Before’.

He composed his first song at 11 titled ‘Hey Bohemian Piano Man’ – a track inspired by the sounds of Queen, Billy Joel and the Beatles. Several years on and we see David writing songs that fuse rock with a heavy slice of the blues/pop. In fact, Obscure Sounds Blog referred to David as “exuding a McCartney-esque charm…” In ‘Never Had A Love Like This Before’ he captures this charm and slathers it with thunderous intensity.

Following his well-received three-track EP Judy, ‘Never Had A Love Like This Before’ touches on toxic relationships. He asks the question of how love can feel simultaneously so right but can be so wrong. Why does something so great potentially be dooming? Unfortunately, relationships like this are all too common – so why do people want to fall in love? David Taro gives us a sonic representation of this sentiment.

Reaching into the bowl of late 80s/early 90s hard rock, David Taro tips audiences into a hazy sonic whirlpool spinning about with a kaleidoscopic grittiness woven into the soundscape. While the power of the guitar-driven track is hard-hitting, there is a flowing thread through the hard rock melody. Amidst the blues-rock-inspired single, with hints of Billy Joel, his soft piano melds with gruff vocals. In fact, it is this softness met by a heavy hardness that really enhances the almost palpable thematic grittiness of ‘Never Had A Love Like This Before’.

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