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Track Review: Never Said // Everything But The Everything

From his days performing songs at his Monterey middle school talent show to promoting music events in San Francisco, playing with bands like The Party Fouls and the Siren, and finally finding his niche in the indie-electro outfit, The Frail, Izzy The Gent has experience many would give their left arm for. In 2014, Izzy The Gent took a brief hiatus from music during which time he began contemplating a solo career; and now we have it. Since 2019, Izzy has performed as Everything But The Everything and has evolved into a collaborative project with a rotating collective of guests. The latest addition to his discography is the single ‘Never Said’.

A collaborative single with singer-songwriter Sophia Prise, ‘Never Said’ follows his release ‘A&B Sides, Vol.1’. The third collaboration with Sophia, ‘Never Said’ lies somewhere between alternative rock with post-punk tones. The combination of Izzy’s guitars and Landon Cisneros’ drums create a hazy ambience in this shimmering soundscape. While the melody is truly enchanting, and with no offence to the lads, it is Sophia’s prominent voice that owns this song. Bold, rich and forceful, her vocals are hard-hitting, but while retaining a soft warmth in the execution.

Recorded with producer Rex Shelverton at their “usual recording lair at Secret Studios SF”, Everything But The Everything has created a powerful sound that hits you in the chest – but in a good way. Interestingly enough, while there is a nostalgic rock tone to ‘Never Said’, there is a contemporary “rock-ness” bringing a distinctive edge to the single. In all honesty, this is my introduction to Everything But The Everything and I cannot wait for more from them, particularly Sophia Prise.

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