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Track Review: New Kicks // Gully

Influenced by old-school soul and jazz, singer-songwriter Gully brings the sounds of yesteryear to modern-day audiences. This is my introduction to the lad, but the UK-based artist has already received coverage from BBC Introducing, Fresh On The Net, The Punk Head, and several playlists, Gully is turning heads with his intoxicating sound. The latest from this talented artist is his single ‘New Kicks’.

Following his single ‘The View’, Gully adopts a contemporary pop meets soul meets funk sound in ‘New Kicks’. From the first chord, I could tell this would be something special. My mind immediately went to Jamie Cullum and a potential reminiscence of the popular established artist; however, there is an eclectic edge in the track giving Gully a one-up on Cullum. In ‘New Kicks’ he seems to toss you into a sonic whirlpool filled with a fun-filled intoxicating kaleidoscopic ambience.

Compared to the likes of Amy Winehouse and Cosmo Pyke, Gully’s music is a tribute to brass bands, soul and, as he puts it, “brass and catharsis”. One thing I love about Gully’s music is how the expression of the track effortlessly aligns with the melody. ‘New Kicks’ is hyped-up, powerful, toe-tapping and can get you dancing about the room without any effort.

I could say there is some powerful connection between artist and audience, but ‘New Kicks’ is really just a fun-filled few minutes of awesomeness. Letting your hair down, laying back and feeling the joy of life is what ‘New Kicks’ is really all about – or at least I think so. It’s “a bop about wanting to dance with someone so much that you’ll sacrifice your new shoes to do so.” – Gully’s words, not mine. Honestly, if this song were playing, I’d definitely sacrifice my new sneakers to do so.

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