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Track Review: Next To Me // SUBURBS

Some of the best ideas present themselves during rainy days with a cup of steaming tea in your hands; this was the case with SUBURBS. Alright, it was a rainy evening and I’m not sure about the tea but the Canada-based trio made the decision to pursue something fantastic at that time. Bringing together their experiences performing with different bands, Dave, Mac and Jake began making a unique, genre-defying type of music. The latest single from SUBURBS is ‘Next To Me’.

Penned during the Covid-19 lockdowns, the Ontario natives created ‘Next To Me’ from three separate quarantined apartments. Following the acoustic-inspired ‘Don’t Fear’, ‘Next To Me’ is a soothing piece exploring intimacy in a, well, intimate way. Combining dynamic guitars with steady drums and underlying keys, the lads teeter on the cusp of pop and alternative rock – although that’s just my opinion on the sound. What I do know for sure is the track tips you into a kaleidoscopic swirl of sound ensnaring your senses and leaving you gasping for breath.

Amusingly titled ‘Next To Me’ when the trio was not next to each other when writing the song, this track has a charming and sincere quality to it. Yes, the title refers more to the poignant message of togetherness and love than their geographical location, but it’s still quite amusing. Touching on the desire for love, SUBURBS exposes the fragility of a human soul in its utterly vulnerable state. The warmth of the vocals enhances this vulnerability in a melancholic way making ‘Next To Me’ somewhat heart-aching.

Beautiful in its delicate execution, ‘Next To Me’ is elegant with a strong sophistication. Taken off their EP Holding It Together, this track showcases innovation and a deep understanding of human emotion. I can’t wait to listen to more of their material and you should as well.

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