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Track Review: no hollywood // Michael Girgis

Drawing together the sounds of Charlie Puth, Ed Sheeran and John Mayer, Michael Girgis is a US-based singer-songwriter laying engaging lyrics over infectious melodies. Hailing from Los Angeles, Michael throws the upbeat, energetic and chilled vibes of LA into his music. I mean, ‘no hollywood’ actually mentions spray tans. Can you get more LA than that? Alright, maybe someone from Florida may get down with the spray tans but you get the idea.

Featured on Roadie Music and several playlists/online radio stations, Michael is reaching audiences across cyberspace building a reputation for charming tracks. Actually, he has been invited to perform as support for musicians at virtual concerts. Ah, virtual concerts, watching live music in your pyjamas has never been so good! One of the latest additions to his critically acclaimed discography is ‘no hollywood’.

Lighthearted and upbeat, ‘no hollywood’ has a strong pop-inspired sound in its arrangement. Simplistic in the guitar, drums and keys instrumentation, there is joviality in its basicness like a pink bubble with some cosy blankets inside. As a multi-instrumentalist, Michael recorded all parts and produced the catchy song independently. Fun fact though, his dogs kept entering his room when he was recording and the collars would jingle hence the jingling in the final mix. As he says “…you can barely hear them but once you notice it you can’t unhear it.”

Touching the genuineness and raw honesty of living a simple life, ‘no hollywood’ is minimalist but infectious in its minimalism. Michael shares that “…’no hollywood’ is a song about living a simple life with the person you love. No drama, no BS, just you and that special person.” I believe this sentiment definitely comes through in the soothing single – just another smooth soundscape with an intimate message.

In addition to the single, Michael Girgis released an official music video for ‘no hollywood’. Highly entertaining, the video is a visual representation of the sonic concept of simplicity. I think I’m saying “simplicity” a lot in this review, but that’s what the chilled-ness is all about. Big bonus: the video has no lighting effects that can cause seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy making it really easy on the eye. Thanks for that, Michael!

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