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Track Review: No Me Digas // Jacqueline Loor

Already being a firm favourite at Nexus Music Blog, we are fully aware of Spain-based Jacqueline Loor and her outstanding music. With previous reviews, we noted her powerful, intimate and intriguing alt-pop sound; however, it is now that she adds a Spanish flair to the mix. Influenced by Shakira and Karol G, Jacqueline’s music has a spicy edge but with a comfortable embrace. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, KMS Reviews and Stitched In Sound, we are not the only ones singing her praise as she reaches people on an international scale. One of the latest additions to her critically acclaimed discography is ‘No Me Digas’.

Following her melancholic ballad ‘Nunca Te Olvidare’, Jacqueline adopts an upbeat sound in her second Latine single ‘No Me Digas’. Performing in both English and Spanish, the songstress showcases her versatility regarding lyricism, but the movement between vulnerable tones and jovial beats showcase her innovation as an artist. Co-written with Iris Bonet and Theo Seidman (who also mixed, mastered and produced the track), ‘No Me Digas has a flowing melodic arrangement with several harmonic textures superbly melding the Latin-influenced guitar and Jacqueline’s sensual vocals.

As a storyteller, Jacqueline looks to connect with her audience leading them through the whirlpool of sound. I don’t understand Spanish but from what I gather, the buoyant and jovial melody pushes her signature theme of female empowerment. Not only that but the infectious confidence is enhanced with her rich, warm and spicy voice. Jacqueline shares that ‘No Me Digas’ is “…about a confident girl who lets the guy who she is dating know not to waste her time by being all in one second and then try to play it cool and single the next” – if that isn’t a strong, independent woman, then I don’t know what is.

Filled with groovy vibes and a sexy aura, Jacqueline Loor presents a heart-thumping, toe-tapping single in ‘No Me Digas’. I can easily see this hypnotic track being played at a festival while everyone dances about unabashedly. I’m happy to admit that I adore Jacqueline’s music and cannot wait for more Latin pop.

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