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Track Review: NO TAKE BACKS // Wotts

Innovative and eclectic, Canada-based duo Wotts is labelled as an electropop band, but when you listen to their music there is so much more in the sound. Drawing together the talents of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Jayem with guitarist/bassist Ricky 100, Wotts has a loyal following that grows daily. Gracing the stages of RBC Bluesfest, Junofest and Canadian Music Week, the lads are known for their engaging, intriguing performances. On the blogosphere and radio, they have received coverage from CBC Radio, Metro News, The Other Side Reviews, PopMatters, Clout, Obscure Sound, Rising Artists Blog and many more. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘NO TAKE BACKS’.

Described by Obscure Sound as having a “lush and hooky pop sound”, ‘NO TAKE BACKS’ is Wotts stab at “nostalgic pop” – a far step from their hip-hop beginnings. Yet, while the single is a pop single, Wotts continues to borrow from psychedelic rock, electropop and indie pop. Opening with synth-inspired keys and guitars, you are immediately tipped into a hazy kaleidoscopic swirl of sound. Bouncy with a toe-tapping joviality, ‘NO TAKE BACKS’ takes you back to the sounds of 80s pop but retains a contemporary synth-pop edginess.

Soothing, soft and gentle, the melodic arrangement harmonically combines light instrumentation, bold vocals and chilled vibes in ‘NO TAKE BACKS’. The thing is, while the track is chilled with a wistful, whimsical nature, it also has a degree of profoundness in the lyricism. Ricky 100 explains that the single “is about keeping negative forces out of your life…it is a statement to people that try to bring you down when they see that you’re thriving or moving on…”

Inspiring, empowering and a lift to the audience’s soul, ‘NO TAKE BACKS’ helps people forget about the bad stuff in their lives. We all need some joy in our lives nowadays and Wotts offers that important emotion in their new single.

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