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Track Review: No Way // Dionne Sturdy-Clow

From the pop-punk energy of Paramore to the intimate and heart-stopping sound of Johnny Cash, Dionne Sturdy-Clow is a kaleidoscopic swirl of music. Describing herself as a “shiny tattooed hippy with a heart of gold” (an interview with York Calling), the UK-based singer-songwriter can make you smile with her quirky enthusiasm for life. Dionne has already caught our attention with her track ‘I Could Be Somebody’, but she is already turning heads across the globe with features on The Other Side Reviews, York Calling, Motion News, Edgar Allan Poets, RGM and the Natural Antagonist Centre Stage podcast (to name a few). The latest addition to her well-received discography is ‘No Way’.

With a love for songs that mirrors the stories of other people, Dionne Sturdy-Clow shares sonic tales of “…joys, tragedies, deceits and revelations…” -all evident in her discography. Following the critically acclaimed ‘I Could Be Somebody’, ‘No Way’ is an upbeat, toe-tapping indie-rock tune tinged with old-school folk sentiments. Acoustic-driven, the arrangement of acoustic guitars, drums and ukulele sends you into a melodic sonic whirlpool where you twirl with bright lights flitting before your eyes. Interestingly enough, while the melody has a jovial quality there is a melancholic bittersweetness in the lyricism – it is this juxtaposition that really shows Dionne’s innovation as an artist.

As with her previous material, Dionne Sturdy-Clow touches on the complexity and simplicity of the human condition. Vulnerability, anxiety, frustration and anger swirl about her brain before oozing from her rich, bold vocals. Powerful and hard-hitting, Dionne’s dulcet tones can grab you close in a comforting hug while still making you stand to attention with the brazen sound. Either way, ‘No Way’ has a hypnotic quality that makes you hit that play button over and over and over… A shining gem in a midst of pebbles, Dionne Sturdy-Clow will stand out in your mind.

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