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Track Review: Nobody On The Block // Fox Fagan

Fox Fagan’s love began as a child when he received a Casio keyboard from his father. It was this first instrument that led to the multi-instrumental singer-songwriter we have today. Inspired by the likes of Leonard Cohen and Elvis Costello, Fox Fagan aims to connect with his listener on a deeper level along with a toe-tapping melody. An established artist, the US-based indie-rock musician has a history of performing with Teleskopes, but he is now taking a leap as a solo artist. Featured in Sinusoidal Music, Obscure Sound, Dusty Organ and several playlists/podcasts, one of Fox’s most recent releases is ‘Nobody On The Block’.

Following a decade of silence as a solo artist, ‘Nobody On The Block’ is Fox Fagan’s re-emergence on the indie-rock scene. Staying true to his signature sound, the track has the intimacy of Leonard Cohen with the intensity of Roy Orbison. A collaborative effort with guitarist Pelle Hillstrom and cellist Row Rowan, ‘Nobody On The Block’ is eclectic with a unique, obscure melody. A fusion of indie-rock, indie-folk and some post-punk undertones, the track has a haunting quality about it with a fog-like mistiness in the hazy ambience.

Now, the melody is definitely noteworthy in its emotive and soul-touching way; however, it is Fox Fagan’s raw vocals that truly tug at my heartstrings. Passionate and sentimental, Fox’s dulcet tones are bewitching tipping you into a swirl of dreamy sound. The lyricism also presents the same passion with pure honesty, sincerity and genuineness. Recorded, mixed and produced by Fox Fagan, ‘Nobody On The Block’ is a labour of love that easily connects with listeners on all levels. I label songs into “feel songs” and “describe songs”, this is definitely a feel track where you need to listen to it to understand it entirely.  

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