Track Review: Noise // Soleil

Soul singer Soleil is back with a brand new song called ‘Noise.’ The song’s inspiration came from when Soleil was a bystander in a crime scene. In this incident, the husband tried to kill his wife and bury her in the backyard. She then decided to put a creative twist in the story, inspired by when Oscar Pistorious shot his girlfriend Reeta Steenkamp.

‘Noise’ shows a different side to Soleil because the instrumentation is creepy. The sad piano provides the backdrop for the harrowing tale, while her voice is reminiscent of Amy Winehouse at her best. She tells the story very vividly,  leading to a moving experience. I think this adds to the song’s emotion because it grips you into the picture.

‘Noise’ is an example of fine storytelling, and it will appeal to anyone who likes soulful music and true crime.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos  

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