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Track Review: Objectified // Sophie Frear

Embracing her passion for music at a young age, singer-songwriter Sophie Frear has been writing and performing since the age of 13. Now at age 20, the UK-based artist is not only producing original material but also has a fanbase of over 560,000 followers on her social media accounts. Known for her harmonic arrangements, adaptive songwriting and TikTok videos, Sophie is a strong young woman in a digital era. The latest addition to her discography is the single ‘Objectified’.

Her sophomore original single on Spotify, ‘Objectified’ is a cacophony of harmonic vocals and inspired melodies. While I might compare Sophie Frear to Lily Allen with the English vocal inflexion, upbeat tune and contemporary pop tone, I believe that Sophie has one up on Lily. Distinctive in her unique sound, she uses flowing arrangements to not only enhance her dulcet tones but also highlight the message of ‘Objectified’. For instance, the instrumentation slows to a simplified piano/vocals sound emphasising the sincerity behind the song’s theme of female objectification.

Showing complexity and intricacy in its laidback pop sound, Sophie Frear explores the fragility of females in modern-day society. An expert storyteller, Sophie questions the objectification of women and really pushes the subject. A personal narrative of being sexualised is combined with comments of objectification throughout the song. For instance, a comment on the track being a “lobotomised take on things” both highlights misogyny and evokes an empowered sense of “well, stuff you then” from female listeners.

Not having heard of Sophie Frear before, this was something new for me. If this track is anything to go by, I can’t wait for more from this talented songstress.

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