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Track Review: Oh Little Ghost // Devil

Formed by singer-songwriter Kit Narey and guitarist/producer Nathan Hilton, Oh Little Ghost is a folk-rock group from South East London. Integrating their insightful lyricism with moving instrumentation, Oh Little Ghost is honing a sophisticated and intriguing sound. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘Devil’.

The second single from their upcoming debut album White Lilies (to be released in 2021), ‘Devil’ is a moving track blending reflective lyrics with wistful melodies. With her bold vocals, Kit Narey looks at the darker, crueller and disheartening side of humanity through a melancholic narrative. What I find most intriguing is Kit’s ability to expose vulnerability but still maintain warmth and hopefulness in her dulcet tones.

It is not only Kit’s voice that captures one’s attention, but the complementary emotive instrumentation. Nathan Hilton’s soulful guitar blends with Rhian Porter’s brooding cello elegantly embrace Kit’s delicate vocals creating an atmospheric soundscape. With the rises and falls of the cello, before the dramatic end, ‘Devil’ takes the listener on a heartfelt, ethereal journey. Soul-touching and sensational, Oh Little Ghost offer a mature, delicate and otherworldly sound for the masses.

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