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Track Review: On Starry Nights // Anton Commissaris

If you are a fan of Frank Sinatra, Joao Gilberto or Stan Getz, the chances are likely you will enjoy the sounds of Anton Commissaris. A pianist, composer and skilled singer-songwriter, US-based Anton Commissaris bridges genres to create an intriguing jazz meets classical style with a tinge of Latin thrown in the mix. From his 2021 debut EP, On A Bright Note, to his most recent EP, Some of the Time, Anton has been described as an innovative artist with hypnotising and relaxing music. With critical acclaim from The Other Side Reviews, Send Me Your Ears, Artisti Online, Rising Artists Blog, Mesmerized and Roadie Music Magazine, Anton Commissaris is garnering a following across the globe. One of the most recent additions to his repertoire is the single ‘On Starry Nights’.

Hot on the heels of his well-received song ‘Mission Of Love’, Anton stuns us once again with his signature vintage jazz sound in ‘On Starry Nights’. The piano-driven track takes us back to the days of Frank Sinatra and Cole Porter with its retro vibe. Yet, while there is a strong old-school soul to ‘On Starry Nights’, I find Anton Commissaris can charm any modern-day audience with his eclectic music. One element I find particularly endearing is the incorporation of a horn section bringing a strong jazz flavour to the single.

As I mentioned, Anton Commissaris drips tinges of Latin music in the melodies and this is clear in ‘On Starry Nights’. A Brazilian bossa nova beat adds liveliness to the single while retaining a sophisticated sentimentality within the arrangement. Smooth and mellifluous, it is easy to fall in love with ‘On Starry Nights’ – which is fantastic considering the song is about love.

Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s post-impressionist painting, ‘The Starry Night’, Anton Commissaris chose to paint his picture of hope, love and romance. Van Gogh said that “looking at the stars always makes me dream”, but while those dreams may be darker (for Vincent had some demons), Anton’s dreams are a lighter, whimsical, laidback look at the special woman who can save him from madness.

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