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Track Review: One More Day // Cousins Gibb

Considering the awesomeness of acts like The Jackson 5, The Osmonds and The Bee Gees, it’s clear that music is inherited – and Cousins Gibb is merely more evidence of this fact. Drawing together two musicians who just happen to be related via the Gibb family, Nick Endacott-Gibb and Debora Mclane enchant listeners as the duo Cousins Gibb. Both established as notable artists in their own right, Nick has supported top artists like Dodgy and Debora has spent years performing classics from Karen Carpenter, Barbara Streisand, Celine Dion and many more. Now, the pair are able to raise their voices with original material as a united force.

Following their re-make of The Bee Gees’ classic song ‘Tragedy’, Nick and Debora enter 2023 with their latest release ‘One More Day’. The first single in two years, the pair adopt a heavily folk-influenced sound in ‘One More Day’. Yet, while the strand of folk gleams brightly in this sonic tapestry, a soft pop style can be seen (or rather heard). Adding a nostalgic flair to ‘One More Day’, there is a leaning toward the 80s pop sounds with a mild tinge of The Bee Gees flitting through the track.

Soothing, charming, sincere and sentimental, ‘One More Day’ delicately traipses across your heart in a soul-stirring way. You can easily lose yourself in the melody twirling about a kaleidoscopic soundscape; however, it is the rich vocals that really added something special to the single – at least, for me. Bold but gentle, confident but whimsical, forceful but soothing, ‘One More Day’ is something rather anthemic and inimitable.

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