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Track Review: Onism E // Survivors

Making her way from one side of the United States to the other, singer-songwriter Eline Chavez has a lot of experience to inspire her hard-hitting emotional music. Joining forces with guitarist Chris Vargas, bass player Chris Rodriguez and drummer Raj, Eline brings to life to life (does that make sense?) in the group Onism E. Gaining a reputation for engaging, emotive and insightful music, the awesome foursome takes on indie-rock and adds their own contemporary tinge to the mix. The latest single from US-based Onism E is ‘Survivors’.

The follow up to Onism E’s well-received folk rock-esque single ‘My America’, ‘Survivors’ takes the group back to their alternative rock roots. Adopting a Skunk Anansie meets Placebo and Eurythmics sound, the new track is heavier, more dynamic and a little grittier than previous releases.

Touching on elements of isolation, inner turmoil, loneliness and confusion, ‘Survivors’ elegantly looks at falling deeper into a desperate situation. However, while Eline’s vocals express vulnerability and anguish, there is a glint of optimism and hopefulness in finding a happier place.

Matched by an emotive melody, Onism E takes you on a stirring journey with well-placed dips and crescendos. A particularly impressive guitar solo from Chris Vargas adds a melodic depth pulling you deeper into the swirl of sound. Moving from a Janice Joplin style to a rougher alternative rock design, Onism E showcases their innovativeness and eclecticism in ‘Survivors’.

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