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Track Review: Only Wanted You // Bianca Aristia

Compared to the likes of Jessie J, Rihanna and Beyoncé, Germany-based singer-songwriter Bianca Aristia is a sassy young lady with a powerful voice. Following her appearance on The Voice of Germany, Bianca quickly gained popularity not only in Germany but on various continents. Her pop meets R&B sound is unique with a signature standpoint intoxicating and engaging with listeners across the globe. Yet, while she might connect with audiences on a melodic level, it is her multi-faceted vocals that make her a power-house artist.

Known for her personal touch in writing, recording and production of music, Bianca adopts a self-produced approach to her material. Using her diverse life experiences, she injects an intimate intensity into her content sending shivers down your spine. From her debut ‘Growing Pains’ (released in 2019) to her new single ‘Only Wanted You’ (released in 2021), Bianca Aristia shows depth, tenderness and melodic beauty in a harmonic way. The thing is while Bianca is the primary musician in her released singles, she also highlights innovativeness and versatility when leading her five-headed band on tours making the experience hard-hitting. 

Produced, mixed and mastered with RE:MIND, Bianca Aristia encapsulates strength, empowerment and self-love in ‘Only Wanted You’. The vibrant synth-based urban ballad combines rich vocals and a toe-tapping melody to build a sense of warmth; however, this is merely a façade as vulnerability lies beneath. Exploring the “hot and cold type of relationship”, Bianca perceives how her happiness was merely an illusion despite her commitment. Most of us have been in complicated relationships where one partner is playing the other, but ‘Only Wanted You’ brings a sense of reality breaking all facades. Bianca plans to release a full-length album in 2022.

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