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Track Review: Only You // Candy Riot

Influenced by the likes of The Eurythmics and Depeche Mode, US-based Candy Riot offers an ethereal synth-based pop sound. Drawing the talents of writer Liz Feezor and musician Bobby Cheatham, Candy Riot is capturing the hearts of all listeners. Releasing music since 2020 (according to Spotify), the pair are not newbies on the scene and have established their position as a well-loved synth-rock band. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, 101X Homegrown, and various playlists, they are reaching audiences on an international level. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘Only You’.

Merging elements of retro pop sounds, ala Depeche Mode, with edgy synth-rock beats, ‘Only Riot’ has an eclectic vibe in its kaleidoscopic soundscape. A synth-laden track, there is a bouncy pop feeling to ‘Only You’; however, just as bouncy as it is, it also has a heaviness to the almost post-punk beats. Opening with ethereal sounds and bold vocals, you are instantly transported back to the 1980s. The thing is, once you reach the synth-laden solo movement you find yourself walking the line between old-school and contemporary synth-rock.

Not as upbeat as their previous single ‘That’s Entertainment’, Bobby and Liz showcase their versatility and innovation as artists. In ‘Only You’ they touch on themes of addiction, devotion and desire as Bobby sings “whatever you do, don’t cut me off…” His rich vocals express a desperation that tugs at your heart and sends you spiralling down a sonic wormhole.

Overall, I really enjoyed ‘Only You’ despite not being the biggest fan of synth-rock. Its edginess, heaviness and bouncy nature make showcase an inimitable eclecticism. I look forward to their upcoming debut album Moonstar.

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