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Track Review: Optimism // Lee Trent

Influenced by the likes of Radiohead and Thundercat, US-based singer-songwriter Lee Trent is sharing his unique pop meets alternative rock sound with the masses. While Lee has several years of experience as a composer, session artist and songwriter, it is only recently that he started streaming his original music online (at least that’s what Spotify has me believe). Hitting the blogosphere, Lee has been featured on We Write About Music, The Other Side Reviews, Sinusoidal Music and Motion News reaching a global audience. We have the pleasure of reviewing his debut single ‘Optimism’.

In his debut single, Lee Trent proves he is not to be pigeon-holed with an innovative incorporation of various genres in a four-minute track (give or take). Noted as being inspired by popular artist The Weeknd, ‘Optimism’ leans toward a pop sound with undertones of blues in the track. Yet, while Lee is inspired by The Weeknd, he stands out with his contemporary edginess including urban instrumentation to the guitar-filled single. Moreover, the interspersed synths help one find a balance between electronic and organic sounds – an interesting and melodic arrangement.

Toe-tapping from the first chord, ‘Optimism’ is a cheerful track that can get you smiling regardless of your situation. While the melody definitely holds a prominent position in the soundscape, it is the lyricism that shows Lee’s depth as an artist. Lee shares that he was “living in the moment after moving away from the past. Forgetting about my troubles was one of the things that motivated the song [Optimism].” I find this intriguing as the poetic narrative connects with the listeners on a deeper level, while the melody retains an airiness enhancing the optimistic nature of the song. I suppose that’s why he called it ‘Optimism’.

Overall, I really enjoyed ‘Optimism’ with its easy-listening style, playfulness and captivating nature. I can’ wait for more from the talented Lee Trent.

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