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Track Review: Otherworldly // She Made Me Do It

If Halestorm were to have a lovechild with Queens of the Stone Age and it was raised by Evanescence, it would be She Made Me Do It. Combining elements of psychedelic rock, hard rock and melodic metal, the UK-based band has a loud, forceful and compelling sound. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Talk About Pop Music, Pop Muzik, Slash Mags, iHeart Radio and several playlists, She Made Me Do It is turning heads on an international scale.

‘Otherworldly’ is the title track from She Made Me Do It’s recently released six-track EP. A well-arranged single, ‘Otherworldly’ has a futuristic feel to the hard-hitting instrumentation. While the keys offer a lighthearted, ethereal base, the pounding drums act as a pulsating heartbeat within the melody. Moreover, the band showcase their innovativeness with crescendos into powerful guitars and catchy choruses enhancing the “life” of the group.

The track may have a bold, lively melody; however, the poetic lyricism points in another direction. Looking at themes of betrayal and heartbreak, ‘Otherworldly’ exposes the numb fragility of the wounded spirit. Shaheena Dax’s bold vocals shimmer through the melodic mire of darkness noting that indifference can hurt, but there is a light within the dark cloud.

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