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Track Review: Overrated // Barbara Teresa

Fusing youthful innocence with a sophisticated sound surpassing her years, Barbara Teresa is an old-school singer in a bright, bouncy 19-year-old suit. Born and raised in Venezuela with Colombian and Chilean roots, Barbara grew up listening to Billy Joel, ABBA, Queen and Elton John; however, she insists that Taylor Swift is one of her idols and she loved playing songs from artists like Avril Lavigne and One Direction. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Find No Enemy, Stereo Saints, Sinusoidal Music and various other notable press, Barbara Teresa is turning heads across the globe. One of the more recent additions to her discography is the single ‘Overrated’.

Described by Stereo Saints as an adventurous singer-songwriter with super distinctive vocals (I paraphrase), Barbara Teresa has an eclectic vibe to her music. In an interview with journalist Ernesto Lechner, Barbara discussed her desire to enter the fascinating world of an independent musical career and is “excited to hear what my songs will sound like with a full band…the music assumes another dimension, it becomes something else.” – we discover this evolution of sound in her single ‘Overrated’.

Taken from her debut six-track EP, ‘Overrated’ inserts reflective sentiments into bittersweet melodies. The elegant poetic lyricism has a personal narrative and intimate quality, as can be heard in her single ‘Just This One Time’. Interestingly enough, the Latin pop disco-influenced single has an upbeat melody; however, there is a touching profoundness in the toe-tapping track.

Dusting the kaleidoscopic soundscape with an attitude of “love is overrated and far too complicated so let’s turn it down”, Barbara connects with modern-day audiences who don’t have the patience to deal with complications. A melodic arrangement mixed with brash lyricism, ‘Overrated’ is a single for the modern-day individual living in a crazy world.  

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