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Track Review: Overthinking Conversations // I Am The Mountain

Beginning as the solo project of singer-songwriter Colton O’Reilly, I Am The Mountain took late-night campfire songs to music venues and festivals. Based in Canada, Colton and his crew fuse elements of indie-rock, folk and alternative rock into a groovy contemporary sound. Featured on notable blogs like YMX, The Other Side Reviews, Find No Enemy, Sinusoidal Music and Fruit Sonic, I Am The Mountain is reaching listeners on an international scale. The latest addition to their well-received discography is the single ‘Overthinking Conversations’.

Two years after the release of their indie-rock single ‘Denigrate’, I Am The Mountain brings us an eclectic and innovative “slow burner of a song” in ‘Overthinking Conversations’. Coming in at just under 8 minutes, ‘Overthinking Conversations’ is a journey through three definitive movements. Beginning with a soft rock tone with a slow, steady and wistful melody, I Am The Mountain immediately brings an intense intimacy to the fore. While you feel as if you should continue on this smooth stretch of sonic river, the sudden crescendo to a classic rock style brings a deeper intensity to the track.

A high-powered movement with hard-hitting guitar riffs, pounding drums and gruff vocals show the turbulent waves underlying the sonic river. Just as you feel a wildness in the rock melody, I Am The Mountain ends the track with an almighty “oomph”. Bold vocals, engaging lyricism and an orchestral reprise ensure a truly memorable tune…and I haven’t even touched on the lyricism.

What I find intriguing about ‘Overthinking Conversations’ is how the three movements represent a sonic over-analysis of, well, daily existence. Colton O’Reilly shares that the song “is a deep dive into the concept of getting stuck in your own head and the difficulties of being yourself, even with your own friends. If you’ve ever been caught up in your own thoughts, just know your friends still accept and care about you because they’re probably overthinking everything too.”

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