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Track Review: Parker Sounds // Tightrope

Beginning as a personal songwriting project for frontman Alick Kilsby, Parker Sounds grew into a talented pop-rock meets indie-rock quintet. Initially, Alick spent his time performing in the local covers scene; however, he started honing his sound for catchy acoustic tracks and reached out to producer Josh Beattie (keyboard) for ideas. Soon, Josh and Alick began jamming with Jake Hobbs (guitar and vocals), Tim Menzies (bass) and Guy Cornwell (drums). The rest, as they say, is history…

Influenced by acts like Pearl Jam, Jack Johnson, The Killers and Red Hot Chili Peppers, Parker Sounds embrace both a chilled and upbeat sound. After releasing three well-received singles earlier this year, the Australian group add new single ‘Tightrope’ to their growing discography.

In its own simple way, ‘Tightrope’ is a dynamic and attention-grabbing track – like a mosquito that you try to ignore but just can’t. Sounding much better than the whine of a mosquito, Parker Sounds deliver a smooth and flowing melody in the new single. Placing Alick’s warm vocals atop harmonious guitars, ‘Tightrope’ is a track you can listen to while relaxing on the porch. Oddly enough, the lyrics aren’t as soothing as the instrumentation.

Touching on the topic of dysfunctional relationships and its consequences, ‘Tightrope’ explores the push and pull of this pairing. Aware of resentment and anger, knowing that you should end it for the sake of both parties, but still unable to move forward and rid oneself of this destructive path. Moreover, the endearing tone of Alick’s vocals enhances the desperation and confusion being felt when walking this tightrope.

Now, these lads are Australian so they know what it’s like to live with the warm, glowing sunlight on their backs. Up here in the North, not so much. If my instincts are right, I bet Parker Sounds will be living in the spotlight as well as perpetual sunlight pretty soon.

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