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Track Review: Parted Waves // HeIsTheArtist

The brainchild of American singer-songwriter LeeMann Bassey, HeIsTheArtist is an enigmatic, experimental and engaging solo project. Originally releasing secular R&B and dance music for Bentley Records, LeeMann was inspired to release Christian music after hearing a sermon by Bishop TD Jakes. This is my introduction to HeIsTheArtist, but the artist is already receiving critical acclaim from Indie Pulse Music, Music Existence, Roadie Music and Louder Than The Music (to name just a few publications). One of his most recent releases is the single ‘Parted Waves’.

Released in conjunction with the track ‘God Is On My Mind’, HeIsTheArtist expresses our ability to ask God for help in ‘Parted Waves’. Inspired by the Islamic holiday of Ashura when Moses parted the Red Sea, ‘Parted Waves’ is a song about freedom and hopefulness. It is about “letting go and letting God into your life…” – similar to the Israelites who embraced their faith to leave Egypt and reach safety on the other side of the sea.

Along with the allusion to Ashura, ‘Parted Waves’ also alludes to victims running from numerous mass shootings in the USA (and this is just in 2022). The need to feel free, to seek safety, to ask God for assistance in surviving these uncertain times.

Yes, the concept of ‘Parted Waves’ is heavy; however, it retains a sense of empowerment woven through the melody. Elegantly layering synth beats with a steady rock-inspired guitar, the melodic arrangement brings a soothing sensation in a contemporary pop package. Yet, while there is a laidback, groovy vibe to the song, HeIsTheArtist incorporates slight disconcerting obscurity in ‘Parted Waves’. It might be the up and down arrangement with a kink of distortion that brings the obscurity, but all I know is it’s beautifully eclectic.

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