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Track Review: Pennan Brae // Crashland

It takes skill to keep many plates spinning without losing control, but Pennan Brae seems to have this down! Working under the moniker Pennan Brae, Vancouver-based musician, filmmaker, and photographer Robert Osmond creates his own breed of rock and roll. Merging the sounds of Muddy Waters, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, Pennan Brae captures the essence of old-school rock bringing it to contemporary society.

Described as Pulp Publicity as “the kind of artist who steps outside the box and burns it”, Brae has his finger in many proverbial pies. A multi-talented artist, he not only writes refreshing music but also produces independent films including 2 Below 0 and The Astronot. So, why do I mention these films? Well, the single I am reviewing is the lead single off The Astronot’s soundtrack.

Featuring legendary performers Steve Ferrone (drummer for Eric Clapton and Duran Duran) and Garry Gary Beers (bassist for INXS), ‘Crashland’ is an energetic track from beginning to end. I am not saying Brae will have you bouncing about in a mosh pit with ‘Crashland’, but the power behind the instrumentation and vocals are profoundly moving. It makes sense that the track would be poignant with a sense of exhilaration if you consider it was co-written by Grammy-nominated musician Eric Alexandrakis.

While artists tend to play for a specific target audience, Pennan Brae performs for people of all ages, of all musical preferences and, well, just anyone really. If you are eager to discover rock and roll from yesteryear, but with a modern twist, then Pennan Brae is someone you need to listen to. Trust me on this!

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