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Track Review: PHOtO // Chez

She mentions that her inspiration is Bob Marley, but Chez certainly takes the Marley stance to another level. Layering harmonic melodies atop meaning lyricism, the alternative pop musician places a contemporary spin on her sound. It is in this cinematic soundscape that we lose ourselves, but there is far more to Chez than merely some soothing sounds. Today we have the honour of reviewing her debut single ‘PHOtO’.

Beginning with a rather unassuming but soothing single, Chez’s debut can be construed as some flowery wistfulness to get your head bopping yet there is more beneath. Recorded in Turkey but penned in the USA, ‘PHOtO’ explores our reflective natures with nostalgic undertones. The melody is whimsical but the significance of this heady ambience makes the material rather poignant. Let me explain, the song is about updating photos in our minds with emotive nostalgia. The melody enhances this concept with layer after layer of sound taking you back to various memories.

Delightful and languid, ‘PHOtO’ can be placed as background music in any situation. The thing is, the maturity of the track makes it attention-grabbing placing it at the forefront of your mind. Emotional and provocative, there is a merging of pop and R&B in the music adding an addictive swaying to the music. Tipped into a whirlpool of sound, it can be difficult to surface with the whirlpool haze; however, Chez gives you a chance to catch your breath through well-arranged textures. Synth-heavy, there is an abstract ambience to the track but then again, the concept is quite abstract as well.

Overall, I quite enjoy ‘PHOtO’ and I’m not a fan of alternative pop in any way. I find the complexity of the content and how there is an exploration of human fragility appealing. Teetering the line between sentimental sophistication and innocent naivety, Chez finds delicacy in her intimate work.

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