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Track Review: Pillar & The Moon // Band Spectra

Creating a cinematic ambience with avant-garde instrumentation, Band Spectra is the eclectic solo project of an eclectic producer. Influenced by Covid-19 restrictions as any other artist, Robert (the man behind Band Spectra) decided to broaden his repertoire with ‘Pillar & the Moon’. A collaboration between UK-based artist Super 17 and guitarist Leo Abrahams, the new single is something outstandingly unique.

Following his well-received tracks ‘Thule’ and ‘Pigeon’, both featured on BBC 6 Radio, ‘Pillar & the Moon’ has a deeper, heavier feel. Retaining a synth-driven elegance, Band Spectra adds a hip-hop-influenced tone to the experimental swirl of sound. Potentially an evolution of his music; however, the incorporation of this style enhances the contribution of Super 17. It adds a grittiness to Band Spectra’s downtempo/dream-pop quality.

We could say the track touches on elements of isolation, frustration and inner turmoil, but it really doesn’t – or at least we don’t think so. The spoken word stream-of-consciousness narrative is engaging because it doesn’t have an anchor concept. It is the openness of lyricism that inspires its effectiveness as a song. Not only this, but the addition of Leo Abrahams (Regina Spektor and Brian Eno) guitar adds soaring emotion to the beautiful execution.

As always, Band Spectra’s well-arranged single is a flowing journey of catchy rhythms and soul-stirring tones. Provocative and emotional, the smooth single has a gut-wrenching style with lingering melancholic sentimentality.

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