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Track Review: Please Don’t Ask Me To Stay // Libby Phippard

Merging the beauty of opera with the tenderness of acoustic folk-pop, Libby Phippard will ensnare your senses from the first second you hear her. A wistful melancholy is woven into her heartfelt melodies capturing the attention of music critics across the globe. Featured in The Other Side Reviews, Buzz Music, Flare Music and several online radio stations, Libby is turning heads with her charming singles. The latest addition to her discography is the single ‘Please Don’t Ask Me To Stay’.

The third single from the UK-based singer-songwriter, ‘Please Don’t Ask Me To Stay’ is an effortless fusion of classical and contemporary sounds. The intimacy of folk makes the ballad intimate, but it is the classical instrumentation that adds a heartbreaking intensity. A simplistic song, the acoustic piano and steady drums capture the haunting vocals in a warm sonic blanket. The thing is, while the melody is soothing and comfortable, it also accentuates the poignancy of the poetic lyricism.

I could compare Libby to powerhouse opera singer Sarah Brightman, but this would not be fair. Libby certainly has the power of Brightman’s iconic soprano, however, there is a softer and more innocent sound to her voice. Exposing the fragility of the human spirit with her delicate voice, listening to Libby’s music is like floating along a smooth river but without any life-jacket.

I enjoy classical music and find it intriguing when a trained soprano breaks into mainstream genres. When it comes to Libby Phippard, her insatiable sound is soul-stirring leaving you trembling and possibly wiping away a few tears.

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