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Track Review: Pleasures of Peace // Moon Museum

Initially a collaboration between Ryan Joseph (vocals, guitars and keys) and Ian Zazueta (lead guitar), Moon Museum has an upbeat, energetic sound. After reaching out to Olivia Barchard (vocals, guitars and keys) and Aaron Hazen (drums), Moon Museum began emerging as an innovative force. 2020 saw the quartet releasing well-received singles, but the Covid-19 restrictions stunted the group’s progress. Yet, the band recorded three singles and blast into 2021 with their single ‘Pleasures of Peace’.

With experience in different musical backgrounds, Moon Museum is the fusion of various sounds and styles. Merging elements of indie-rock with shoegaze undertones, ‘Pleasures of Peace’ immediately places you in a swirl of sound from the outset. A slight reminiscence to synth-pop bands of the 80s, the melody is filled with catchy choruses, powerful instrumentation and poetic lyricism.

An evocative journey throughout, ‘Pleasures of Peace’ incorporates pounding drums within energetic guitars. Feeling an ebb and flow of sound, the track transitions from high-powered crescendos to a slow, soothing guitar outro. It is as if you are being pulled along a turbulent river but with a soothing sensation throughout your body.

The melody has a personality of its own, but the addition of Olivia’s rich voice makes the track utterly hypnotic. Lying somewhere between Stevie Nicks and Blondie, the bold vocals add robustness to a smooth single. Elegant executing poetic lyricism, Olivia adds a haunting melancholy to the super-sweet rock-influenced track.

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