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Track Review: pls call me // PKAY

Hailing from Bakersfield, California, PKAY is the evocative solo project of singer-songwriter Paityn Boyt. Coming from a musical family with her father singing Southern Gospel, the talented artist brings a contemporary edginess to old-school R&B vibes. From her debut single ‘give up’ to her latest album letters from the 99, PKAY is crafting her sound to find that perfect style. A relative newbie in the pop music scene, PKAY has only a few releases under her belt; however, she has received much critical acclaim from The Other Side Reviews and Nagamag. We look at one of her latest songs ‘pls call me’.

Taken off her debut full-length album letters from the 99, ‘pls call me’ is a soft, soothing and smooth ballad. Acoustic-inspired, the track combines a piano with PKAY’s dulcet vocals showcasing that simplicity can be more powerful than the loudest scream. Reaching out into the minimalist soundscape, this basic arrangement has a steadiness but is also kaleidoscopic in its execution. The intimate intensity of the track melds seamlessly with its flowing nature to give you, well, a gem of a song.

Lying somewhere between Alicia Keys and Lana Del Rey, PKAY picks at contemporary pop ballads with a tinge of R&B. Yet, while I can compare PKAY’s sound to other established artists, she is quite unique with an obscurity in her rich vocals making it completely PKAY.

As I mentioned, ‘pls call me’ is from her album letters from the 99. An album about life in modern-day society, she touches on “girl drama” in all of the tracks. Ending with ‘pls call me’, PKAY explores the “emptiness of hook-up culture” in a haunting but relatable way. What I love about this song is the end where she removes all instrumentation and says “please call me” in quite a vulnerable way. It’s heart-warming while being heart-breaking at the same time. Based on this, I can’t wait for more from PKAY.

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