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Track Review: Podge Lane // Don’t Take It From Me

It’s odd. For some reason, I am being bombarded with fascinating artists and many of them from Ireland. The latest to this list is singer-songwriter Podge Lane.

Hailing from County Cork, Podge, or should we call him Mr Lane, began releasing original material in 2018. Inspired by the styles of Randy Newman and Father John Misty, Mr Lane has an insightful, earnest and intriguing sound. Fusing Americana with the indie and country stylings of Phoebe and Whitney Bridgers, Podge is breeding a new brand of alt-country meets indie-folk. I don’t think genres are relevant any longer, but we’ll stick with indie-folk as a label for ‘Don’t Take It From Me’.

Known for his honest, earnest and introspective music, ‘Don’t Take It From Me’ sees Mr Lane delve further into his eclectic form of indie-folk. A follow-up to his well-received EP Weak Beneath The Knees, released in April 2020, this single is the Irish Post nominee’s most intricate, genuine and absorbing track to date…or at least that’s what I think given the material at my Spotify fingertips. Written and recorded in only three days, one would imagine a rather frenzied, rushed or fragmented track; however, ‘Don’t Take It From Me’ is full-bodied, soothing and easy to listen to.

Lyrically, the single is one exploring themes of self-reflection, self-expression, self-growth and self-improvement – pretty relevant issues for the general population in 2020. Prompting a sense of nostalgia as he looks at his previous habits of self-doubt and deprecation, the poignant single promotes optimism instead of an intrinsic melancholy.

“I love a good story song, especially when I can talk about me. I just wanted to get out this feeling that I had grown comfortable in myself as an artist and was really happy with what I was making and how I was doing it, so it felt good to manifest those worries of repeating old habits and creating a sort of ‘goodbye old friend’ song for them.” – Podge Lane on ‘Don’t Take It From Me’

While the single is lyrically significant, it is the melody that enhances the sensibility and sincerity of ‘Don’t Take It From Me’. Using basic instrumentation and his bold, warm, melodic voice, Mr Lane emphasises the genuineness of the track. Engaging and beguiling, ‘Don’t Take It From Me’ is something I will have on repeat.

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