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Track Review: Prison Living // Stay For Tomorrow

Blasting onto the scene in 2019 with their debut single ‘Kings and Queens’, Scottish quartet Stay For Tomorrow is bringing an eclectic edginess to contemporary alternative rock. Reputed to be energetic, engaging and enchanting, the lads have performed at iconic live music venues such as Sneaky Pete’s. Of course, their live performance is not the only thing going for the group. Turning the heads of audiences across the globe, Stay For Tomorrow is building a following with their infectious tunes. The latest addition to their well-received discography is ‘Prison Living’.

Following their track ‘The One’, ‘Prison Living’ is a hard-hitting single that gets your heart pumping faster from the first verse. Pounding drums meld with bold guitars to create a heavier alt-rock meets pop-punk sound. Unlike the staccato pace of ‘The One’, ‘Prison Living’ is bolder, heavier and flows more easily into the kaleidoscopic soundscape. The thing is while there are high-powered choruses with impressive guitar riffs, the movement from verse to chorus seems to dip and rise showcasing the innovativeness of Stay For Tomorrow.

One thing I adore in songs is accents and this is evident with Stay For Tomorrow. Joe MacFarlane’s rich vocals are tinged with a Scottish inflexion making it quite enchanting. Yet, it is not only a Scottish accent that has me enthralled. Along with Joe’s warm tones, there is a harmonic flow in the textured arrangement.

‘Prison Living’ will have you bouncing off the walls with its enthusiastic sound, but it presents a melancholic poignancy in the powerful lyricism. Stay For Tomorrow explain that “’Prison Living’ is a powerful, captivating, alt-rock song that talks about the entrapment of a relationship. We wanted to dive deeper into talking about the struggles of a relationship rather than just the feelings of heartache…the song is about a couple who do not have the guts to end things whilst the resentment for each other grows every day.”

Toe-tapping, body swaying and altogether fantastic, Stay For Tomorrow use their intimate intensity to ensnare people’s senses. If you aren’t twirling about singing along to ‘Prison Living’ then you haven’t listened to it enough. Hit repeat and enjoy!

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