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Track Review: Promenade // LearningToDive

Merging elements of dream-pop, post-punk and bedroom-pop, LearningToDive layers synth upon synth in his, well, synth-y music. The brainchild of electro-pop producer Bravo Bonez, LearningToDive is his sonic representation of existential truths and human fragility. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, YMX, Mystic Songs and many online radio stations, LearningToDive is reaching an international audience. In fact, we reviewed his previous single ‘Rainbow Fall’ as well – read our review here. The latest offering from this Wellington-based project is the single ‘Promenade’.

Taken from his debut album Norwegian Pop, ‘Promenade’ explores the realm of human relationships with all its yearning, desire, confusion and intrigue. Unlike ‘Rainbow Fall’, ‘Promenade’ adopts a softer, smoother and more flowing synth-pop approach rather than a rock-influenced, post-punk design. LearningToDive has a way of capturing your attention and tossing you into a swirl of sound, but this is even more evident in ‘Promenade’ with its hazy ambience.

The best songs are those that you “feel” instead of “hear” and LearningToDive excels in creating these types of tracks. With its haunting otherworldliness, ‘Promenade’ has a palpable perfumed mistiness in which you can lose yourself. Yet, while the context is quite fuzzy the anchoring lyricism takes you along the tale of two people instead of leaving you to whirl about in confusion.

Alright, so I should tell you what ‘Promenade’ is about, shouldn’t I? It is the sonic representation of two individuals meeting, falling in love and dealing with the unhappy truth that they can never be together. The well-arranged crescendos build up the hope of the protagonists coming together, their yearning and growing love; however, the dips bring reality to the fore as they are both in unsatisfied relationships they cannot leave. While the context is sad, there is a charming sense to the melody exploring a deeper connection between the two.

The tale behind ‘Promenade’ may be a typical unattainable love story, but it is ultimately a delicate exposition of the human psyche. In its mellow form, LearningToDive delves into the fragility of our core and speaks existential truths without abandon. In my opinion, LearningToDive showcases his provocative introspection using wistful and innocent tones. A true triumph!

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