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Track Review: Proud // Dorian

Described by YMX as “a cutting-edge ensemble of pop, R&B and a touch of electronica”, US-based musician Dorian is not one to be pigeon-holed. With his unique style, he is capturing the hearts of audiences across the globe; in fact, he recently won the Artist Of The Year 2022 award with EnjoyTheMic. Beginning his musical journey in 2019, Dorian is building a loyal following with several singles and albums to his name. One of the more recent additions to his discography is the single ‘Proud’

Take from his well-received album The Arrival: Dream World Pt. 2, ‘Proud’ is a light-hearted, laidback track melding elements of electropop with soulful R&B. Not a great fan of electropop or dream pop, I would press the skip button if encountering one of these tracks; however, Dorian has intoxicated me with his rich sound. The melodic arrangement lays a well-textured synths foundation with strong beats bringing a head-bopping quality to the track.

While the pop arrangement can hold its own as a strong melody, it is Dorian’s vocals that captured my heart. Bold, rich, warm and soulful, you can hear the confidence behind the voice. The vocals harmoniously lay atop the arrangement making ‘Proud’ quite a listening experience. It is as if you are tossed into a kaleidoscopic swirl of sound with the electronic beats, but Dorian wraps you in a gossamer blanket of comfort with his heartfelt vocals.

So, what do I think of ‘Proud’? Vents Magazine shared that Dorian is an experimental artist combining everything into one and “is a mix out of this universe”. Personally, I have to agree. From the first note, I could feel the passion behind Dorian’s music and I’m proud to say that ‘Proud’ is now on my personal playlist. Thank you, Dorian, for something so fantastic.

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