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Track Review: Provocateur // Sapienn

The brainchild of singer-songwriter Scott Simpson, Sapienn merges elements of folk-rock and alternative rock with underlying metal undertones. Beginning as a guitarist in Glasgow’s underground Metal scene, Sapienn took flight in 2016 when Scott decided to explore a solo project. Opting for a stripped-back sound, Scott’s music is raw, honest and haunting. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, YMX and Right Chord Music (to name but a few), this Scottish artist is making waves on an international scale. The latest addition to his well-received discography is ‘Provocateur’.

Following his folk-influenced single ‘Dispossessian’, ‘Provocateur’ is a conglomeration of R&B, pop and soul. Think a combination of Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes with a smattering of Hozier, and you should have an idea of what ‘Provocateur’ is all about – sonically at least. A flowing melody melding synth-based beats with dynamic guitars and drums, ‘Provocateur’ tosses you into a whirlpool of groovy sound.

Melodically, the track is certainly a showcasing of Sapienn’s versatility; however, it is the rich vocals that steal the show. The dulcet tones have a warm quality plunging you into your comfort zone, but there is also a spine-chilling otherworldliness about the captivating tune. Filled with optimism and empowerment, ‘Provocateur’ is Sapienn waving a dismissive hand to societal judgement and embracing who he is as a person. It’s about being cool, calm, collected and indestructible.

The term provocateur refers to a person who incites action and provokes others, but Sapienn’s ‘Provocateur’ is not necessarily in that vein. Yes, it definitely provocative prompting an overwhelming sense of awesomeness, but there is too much “whatever, I rock” in the music to be considered a typical provocateur. Regardless, I know that I love it and will have it on repeat.

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