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Track Review: Pylon Heights // The Bridge

After graduating from university in 2016, guitarist Chris Crowther came together with an old friend (and we mean they’d known each other for a while) Jon Sandman to form the group Pylon Heights. Since then, using Jon’s “home studio”, also known as his attic, the pair began writing their debut single ‘Arizona’. In 2019, Pylon Heights released their debut EP The Arizona EP. Since then, this UK-based group received critical acclaim from The Other Side Reviews, Mogg Blog, BBC Introducing and FV Music Blog – to name but a few. The latest single from this talented group is ‘The Bridge’.

The follow-up to their well-received ‘Midsummer’, ‘The Bridge’ not only incorporates new backing vocalist Heather Reeson but also continues their exploration of the synth-pop genre. Beginning as a folk-rock/indie-pop duo, the more synth-driven tracks showcase the trio’s innovativeness, versatility and courage to reinvent themselves.

Combining elements of synth-pop with acoustic vocals, ‘The Bridge’ is highly reminiscent of the 1980s pop scene but with a contemporary, 21st-century twist. Described as “a song of two halves written separately by Jon and Chris about two very different university experiences”, ‘The Bridge’ is an eclectic intertwining of two slightly contrasting narratives. This is only enhanced by the incorporation of typical indie-rock guitar throughout the heavily synth-laden instrumentation. It’s like having two stories wrapped up in one bubblegum wrapper to be enjoyed as a solitary stick of bubblegum.

While Jon’s distinctive vocals, almost at the point of spoken word in ‘The Bridge’, add the unique English-inflexion to this gruffer side of the song, it is Heather’s warmer backing that incites a more melodious harmony. A woman’s touch to the stark rawness of the track. Bold, moving and eclectic, ‘The Bridge’ is definitely an evolution of Pylon Heights’ sound and I cannot wait for more!

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