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Track Review: Rae Radick // In A Memory

Bringing together elements of country, pop and rock, New York-based singer-songwriter Rae Radick is breeding a genre-defying new sound. Combining husky, soulful vocals with simple instrumentation, Rae adds sensuality to her music. In addition to touring with the esteemed American Bombshells, Rae’s emotive music has been featured in independent films with critical acclaim from notable publications, such as The Other Side Reviews. The latest addition to the songstress’s evolving discography is ‘In A Memory’.

“This song is about two people who never stopped loving each other, but life was taking them in different directions.” – Rae Radick on ‘In A Memory’

Touching on elements of longing, desire and loss in romantic relationships, ‘In A Memory’ is the sonic representation of the “rom-com effect”. Sniffling into a tissue, surrounded by a box of chocolates and praying those two will get together, ‘In A Memory’ teeters between naive vulnerability and fierce resilience.

It’s not just Rae’s husky vocals that stir one’s emotions, but the melody taking you on a rollercoaster ride. Using throaty vocals amidst soothing but “rock-like” guitars, Rae melodically injects life into the poignant track. The dips and crescendos in this blues-driven single captivate a person ensnaring their senses and making them just love Rae Radick. At least someone will fall exquisitely in love, even if it’s not the couple in the movie…

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