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Track Review: Rafa // Fight No More

Combining the sounds of 21 Pilots with Calvin Harris and Avicii, Rafa can be described as a 21st Century electropop maestro. With a solid sound and toe-tapping quality, the Dutch-Columbian artist, although he was raised in Australia, demands attention in his tracks. Showcasing his innovativeness and passion as a musician, Rafa shares his debut single ‘Fight No More’ with the masses.

A newbie on the scene, Rafa is already gaining international recognition featured in Talk About Pop Music, It’s All Indie, Chalkpit Records and Amnplify (to name but a few). Described by Triple J Unearthed as “a bolt from the blue”, Rafa collaborates with critically acclaimed vocalist Sam Welch unleashing a synth-driven track with some pop meets hip-hop undertones.

I am not a huge fan of synth-based pop, but the infusion of Sam’s hip-hop vocals increase both the danceability and smoothness of ‘Fight No More’. Moreover, the twinges of funk within Rafa’s skilled production makes it more laidback appealing to a larger audience. Yet, even without the “funky” twinge, Rafa’s talent in producing music would draw a person’s attention with the flow and harmonic combination of instrumentation.

So, what do I really have to say about Rafa’s single ‘Fight No More’? Overall, it is something I would definitely recommend to anyone searching for genre-bending music. I’ll also have Rafa on repeat alongside my 21 Pilots and Tame Impala albums.

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