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Track Review: Randy Harsey // Justify

Five years after releasing his full-length album Need To Know, singer-songwriter Randy Harsey is making his way back into the music industry…or at least releasing tracks again. Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, but now residing in Las Vegas, American multi-instrumentalist releases his new single ‘Justify’.

Taking a long, hard look at sociopolitical issues in 2020 and its consequential societal divisions, ‘Justify’ can be considered an anthem for 21st-century contemporary society. While tribute songs tend to have more buoyant content and melodies, this “protest” song is a tribute anthem for political corruption.

“‘Justify’ is a politically-charged anthem highlighting the dangers we face when facts are turned into fiction for the sake of political gain.” – Randy Harsey on ‘Justify’

Using witty, tongue-in-cheek lyricism with simple instrumentation makes ‘Justify’ not only an intriguing song but a sonic representation of frustration, exploitation and the devastating effects of misinformation. What I find interesting about the melody and production is how each instrument, including Randy’s vocals, remain prominent but work together as a cohesive whole. The powerful guitar is dominant, but there is still a harmonious link to the attention-grabbing underlying drums and whimsical vocals.

With a haunting and somewhat ethereal effect, Randy’s warm vocals merge with the well-balanced instrumentation. While this shimmering golden thread is woven into the silver blanket, the timbre and tone represent the disbelief and fear of normalising political falsehoods into facts. Are they agreeing it is for the greater good? It certainly seems that way…

An emotional and sincere song, with a forceful message, ‘Justify’ is a captivating and compelling jump into the known but not really wanting to accept reality. It is catchy, beguiling and will have you both paying attention while dancing.

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