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Track Review: Razor Teeth // The Confederation

Blending various genres and styles in their boundary-breaking sound, it is difficult to define The Confederation. A UK-based musical collective, the group bring some soul, rock, pop, jazz and funk into their eclectic mixing pot. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Rising Artists Blog, Pop Fad Blog, YMX, Roadie Music, Edgar Allan Poets and Rock Blues Brasil, The Confederation is gaining a following on an international scale. The latest addition to their diverse discography is the single ‘Razor Teeth’.

Renowned for their edgy mix of contemporary music with old-school classics, The Confederation is bringing a revolution in modern-day music. Following their track ‘Coat In The Hallway’, the band adopts a more hard-hitting rock-infused style with ‘Razor Teeth’. Continuing to showcase their innovativeness, ‘Razor Teeth’ brings classic rock to the fore but inserts a blues-based undertone in the melodic arrangement. Unlike ‘Coat In The Hallway’, the new song presents Kevin Maxim’s dulcet tones rather than focusing on Lynz Crichton’s sultry singing. Personally, I believe the male vocals add a harsher, rougher and more necessary ruggedness to their music…of course, Lynz can still serenade me anytime.

Recorded during the lockdown via remote sessions, The Confederation explores their love of rock and guitar-based music in ‘Razor Teeth’. The group share that “music made us find a place we couldn’t find on our own” and ‘Razor Teeth’ demonstrates “the wonderful, enchanting and beguiling power of femininity.” Touching on issues of love, relationships and their consequences, this new track represents human fragility in a conceptual manner. Yet, as hard-hitting and raw as ‘Razor Teeth’ is, there is a flowing melody that harmonises delightfully with the poetic lyricism.

This is my introduction to The Confederation, and I love their contemporary sentimentality wrapped in an old-school rock package. I can’t wait to see what else the group has up their sleeves!

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