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Track Review: Reach Out // Yana

With a reputation for meaningful lyricism wrapped in atmospheric melodies, singer-songwriter Yana touches the hearts of all people who hear her. Hailing from the Czech Republic, music has always been a passion as Yana hopes to pass messages through her tunes. Influenced by the likes of Mic Christopher, Cloud Cult and Glen Hansard, she has a unique style with a hypnotic quality. Featured in The Other Side Reviews, Less Than 1000 Followers, Pop Fad Blog, FV Music Blog and many more, Yana is reaching listeners on a global scale. The latest addition to her well-received discography is ‘Reach Out’.

Her first song since her 2020 release ‘Trapped In A Cage’, ‘Reach Out’ melds elements of blues, folk, rock and pop in a flowing melody. Acoustic-inspired, the single has a simplistic feel to it as Yana uses acoustic guitars and drums. Yet, she appears to find a balance between synthetic and organic with Keith Burke playing the electric guitar. I find this melodic arrangement quite significant as ‘Reach Out’ focuses on dealing with mental health and finding an equilibrium.

Conceptual and poignant, ‘Reach Out’ explores a world “…dominated by social media [where] mental health isn’t discussed as much as it should be.” In fact, while awareness of mental health is growing, it continues to have stigma and people are often ashamed if they experience mental health issues. Using music, Yana attempts to overcome this stigma and points out the importance of having someone to speak to if you find yourself in a dark place.

What I find interesting is not the melancholic lyricism matching the minimalistic melody, but Yana’s vocals being reminiscent of Amanda Palmer. The obscurity of The Dresden Dolls bursts through showing Yana’s innovation and originality. I find this comparison interesting because lead vocalist Amanda Palmer struggled with depression but found a way to manage it. Yes, I know weird facts like that.

Intriguing, inspiring and intoxicating, Yana shares an important message in her sincere single ‘Reach Out’. I can’t wait to hear her upcoming album Journey of the Soul, to be released later this year.

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