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Track Review: Realign // Gavin Doyle

When you were 7 years old, what were you doing in your spare time? Well, Irish native Gavin Doyle was writing songs. He began his musical career playing the tin whistle at school and soon expanded his musical skills by learning to play a plethora of instruments. Performing in bands like Karma Kreek and The Geddes, Gavin has experience playing with others; however, in 2020 he started releasing music as a solo artist. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Find No Enemy and various playlists, Gavin is sharing his passion with the world. The latest addition to his discography is the single ‘Realign’.

Following his track ‘Better Days’, Gavin adopts a contemporary pop style in ‘Realign’. Transitioning from the indie-folk ‘Better Days’ and darker ‘Colourblind’ he has demonstrated his versatility and innovativeness as an artist. In ‘Realign’ we hear a rich, bold and inspiring sound infused with some rock sentiments with powerful guitar riffs. Yet, the incorporation of percussion on a steady drumbeat leans toward an eclectic edginess.

I love many things about Gavin Doyle’s music, but what I truly adore is his vocals. A slight Irish inflexion adds personality to the track and enhances its tenderness. In ‘Realign’ he oozes warmth through his dulcet tones and calms your soul with its richness. It is like sharing a giant bear hug with your best friend while grinning from ear to ear. In fact, this bear hug aligns well with the inspiring message within ‘Realign’.

Written as a message of hope after living through the Covid-19 pandemic, ‘Realign’ is upbeat and empowering. Gavin shares that “this song is almost like a musical sigh of relief. As the world starts to open up again after Covid, it is important to remember the things that truly matter. Our families, our friends, living every day like it’s your last.”

In the single Gavin sings about living each day like it’s your last and if today were the last day of my life, I am glad I spent it listening to ‘Realign’.

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