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Track Review: Records Back // Project 1268

Since 2021 with their debut single ‘Happiness’, US-based Project 1288 has been sharing their eclectic music with the masses. Throughout 2022, the pair entertained listeners with critically acclaimed singles and a debut album – now they’re back with an exhilarating new single ‘Records Back’. Blending elements of soul, pop, jazz and even some hip-hop, Haley Webster and Craig Brown create a sound that is completely their own. Come with us as we delve into their recent single, ‘Records Back’.

The first release in 2023, Project 1268 blasts into 2023 with a slice of soulful old-school jazz tinged with sprinklings of 90s hip-hop and RnB. Unlike the previous single, ‘Do Ya Wanna’, ‘Records Back’ moves toward a more sensual cheekiness from an upbeat folk-pop sound. Recorded with producer Chris Collins at Crimson Road Studio, ‘Records Back’ is a jazzy tune easily played in smoky jazz clubs like the one Sade performs at in the music video for ‘Smooth Operator’. Groovy and slick, Haley Webster’s powerful alto melds harmonically with Craig Brown’s sexy saxophone showing off an “I don’t care what you think because I’m awesome” attitude.

While the melody can ensnare anyone’s senses, it is the bold lyricism that adds an edginess to the soulful single. In an interview with Hip Hop Paranoia, the pair explain that ‘Records Back’ is inspired by “life events and revelations that force us to stand up for ourselves and take back what has been stolen from us. Not just physical belongings, it’s about getting back time, love and dignity.”

Complex, intriguing and filled with a toe-tapping sensuality, Project 1268 intoxicate us with their single ‘Records Back’. The second single from their upcoming album, I cannot wait to hear what else they have up their sleeves.

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