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Track Review: Redlight // NAYTiiVE

The solo project of singer-songwriter Nathan Gittens, NAYTiiVE is bringing a contemporary funk/pop sound to the masses. Only five months after formation, the UK-based artist is a relatively new act in the UK music scene; however, he is certainly not sitting back and hiding in the corner. Featured on Scary Canary, Indie Groove Music Blog and Muzique Magazine, NAYTiiVE is turning heads on an international scale. We are here to review his latest release ‘Redlight’.

When listening to his music, I would have to state that NAYTiiVE is an old soul when it comes to music. Embracing the 1970s funk-rock sound, he combines the upbeat, toe-tapping Motown style with a contemporary kick. Soothing, but with an edge, ‘Redlight’ melds the synth-based joy of keyboards with pulsating drums resulting in a kaleidoscopic swirl of sound. The soaring vocals, reminiscent of Bruno Mars, infuse a soulful quality to the track. Yet, while NAYTiiVE’s dulcet tones make the track danceable, it is the interspersed falsetto that is ultimately soul-stirring.

Recorded in Fulham with his “main man Mr Joe Green”, ‘Redlight’ is a spirited take on the desire to be one of those rich people without any cares. While the concept seems superficial, the lyricism shows insightful depth. Vulnerable and intimate, NAYTiiVE dives into the idea of being wealthy and how it would change them – a sonic representation of “what if”. Intriguing and compelling, ‘Redlight’ has a funky vibe that will ensnare your senses and leave you with goosebumps.

“‘Redlight’ is about living that dream life putting all your worries to one side and fully just living in the moment… I want people to feel liberated, free, something they can just bop their head to during these hard times.” – NAYTiiVE on ‘Redlight’

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