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Track Review: Reflection // Red Skies Mourning

Exploring dark emotions in his evocative and provocative sound, Chris Aleshire spins his sonic yarns as Red Skies Mourning. Influenced by artists like Layne Staley and Chris Cornell, Chris draws together the sounds of old-school rock with a contemporary twist. Featured on Indie Dock Music Blog, The Other Side Reviews, Less Than 1000 Followers and various playlists, ‘Reflection’ is reaching listeners across the globe. Only a few releases in and already turning heads, Red Skies Mourning releases his latest single ‘Reflection’.

Intended to be a remix of his song ‘Light of Mine’, ‘Reflection’ adopts a “remix-y” style with an ethereal ambience about the cinematic soundscape. While there is a palpable steadiness in the song, it shows a wistfulness seen in many post-grunge and soft rock bands from the 80s/90s. Describing the track as a “…slow transition of music but still maintaining the same vibe”, Red Skies Mourning showcases his innovativeness as an artist. While Chris is the main man when it comes to ‘Reflection’, I cannot leave out the co-writer who helped make ‘Reflection’ (as well as prompting a couple more upcoming singles): Ryan Curtis.

Recorded at the Keep Recording in Denver with Jeff Kanan, the song not only has a melodic arrangement with prominent textures but meets the brief of something personal and professional. The clarity of Chris’ vocals complements the tender instrumentation leaving something of a clear, cool and confident effect. Using a personal narrative, Chris inserts strong emotions in the heartfelt track connecting with listeners on a deeper level; it’s pretty intense in a lighthearted, innocent way.

Teetering on the cusp of charming naivety and mature insightfulness, Red Skies Mourning warms my heart with the powerful ‘Reflection’. I can’t wait for more from this talented artist.

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