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Track Review: Rescue // Scarlet Joy

“Bringing you grunge rock music straight from the heart” – these are the words of Scarlet Joy’s singer and guitarist Sophia Woodcraft. Scarlet Joy lives to bring you honest, raw and genuine rock music. Founded in 2019 by Sophia, the UK-based trio blend elements of alternative rock, grunge and indie rock in their powerful sound. Receiving coverage from blogs like Rock Era Magazine and airplay from BBC Introducing Lincolnshire, Scarlet Joy is building a strong following. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘Rescue’.

Pounding drums, powerful guitars and Sophia’s rich vocals, ‘Rescue’ is a blast of rock wrapped in a multi-coloured package. Retaining the gruffness of grunge, there is a melodic grittiness to the track – something that is enhanced by the distortion of the arrangement. One thing I find interesting about grunge and rock music, in general, is how all the instruments have prominence but seem to meld into a harmonious whole at the end. Elegantly layered with a strong live sound, Sophia’s vocals float above Tom Latham’s bass and Drew Moore’s drums but still hold the song together with an intense flair.

As with the bands who influence them (Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins to name a few), Scarlet Joy throws themselves into their music. Not only is the melody a bold evocative expression, but the theme is also personal and intimate. ‘Rescue’ explores issues like inner conflict, vulnerability and bad relationships. Scarlet Joy explains that “several veins run through ‘Rescue’ and its fierce declaration of feeling conflicted and trapped in a relationship. How do we break away from the things we love but feel tied to and know are holding us back…we can get so lost in trying to save someone else when, ultimately, we can only ever save ourselves.”

Sincere, honest and raw, Scarlet Joy connect with audiences on a deeper level with their sophomore track ‘Rescue’.  

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