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Track Review: Rewind // Redwood

Redwood is a singer-songwriter based in Worcester. Her haunting vocals and harmonies have seen her songs being played on BBC Introducing Hereford and Worcester and has been paying the Midlands circuit over the last few years.

Redwood’s brand new song ‘Rewind’ is a piano ballad that shows off her soulful voice. It works well with the introspective lyrics, which talk about nostalgia and whether the protagonist would do things differently. The drums that kick in alongside the harmonies make this track even more colossal. The listener feels the emotion dripping from the track because a lot of people can relate to the honesty.

‘Rewind’ is a good example of Redwood’s talents because it’s a huge track that gets better after each listen. This song will set Redwood up for bigger things in the future.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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