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Track Review: Right Kind of Fantastic // Early Jets

The brainchild of school teacher Dan Paris, Early Jets draws together drums, synths and guitars in a unique sound. Influenced by the likes of Covey, LCD Soundsystem and The Wombats, Dan dips his toe in music from various genres and decades – all contributing to his music. While Dan has been writing music for a while, it is only this year that he chose to share his songs with the masses. Featured in blogs like The Other Side Reviews and Music Arena GH, this somewhat newbie is already turning heads internationally.

As I mentioned, Early Jets has been writing songs for a while, but ‘Right Kind of Fantastic’ is his debut single. The reason for the release is, as he puts it, there was an “incredibly intense need to share with the world” – boy, are we glad he did. Opening with a soft, soothing tone, ‘Right Kind of Fantastic’ plucks at your soul as he does the guitar. Yet, while there is a soothing in the guitar, the incorporation of pounding drums brings a deeper, bolder quality to the song. I’m not saying the drums overpower the vocals or guitar; in fact, the well-textured arrangement makes for a united whole.

Bold and rich, Dan’s vocals are enjoyable; however, it is the inclusion of fellow teacher Sam Taggart’s voice that adds a real oomph to the track. The female vocals add depth to the track making it soothing, calming and intimate. Mostly instrumental, ‘Right Kind of Fantastic’ focuses on Dan’s natural skills as a musician. Yet, the instrumentation acts as a powerful bridge between the infectious chorus and catchy verses.

So, what do I think about ‘Right Kind of Fantastic’? It’s a terrible pun but I think ‘Right Kind of Fantastic’ truly is the right kind of fantastic.

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