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Track Review: Right Wing Planet // Rodeo FM

Compared to the likes of iconic band Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Germany-based four-some Rodeo FM bring a unique country-rock meets indie-folk sound to the masses. From North America to Europe, the lads have received from notable press like Americana UK, Tinnitist, Le Cargo, Indie Dock Music Blog, Send Me Your Ears, The Other Side Reviews, Making A Scene and many more. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘Right Wing Planet’.

Not afraid to touch on provocative topics, Rodeo FM use poetic lyricism and toe-tapping Americana to explore freedom, escapism, isolation, anxiety, and now a look at our “right world planet”. Expressing the state of the globe and its “right wing” approach, Rodeo FM use classic Americana bliss to lament the politics of our world. The band explains that “…the world is still in shambles. Imperialist wars, climate disasters, exploitation, you name it. The line still runs between the rich and poor, not between countries or other outdated vehicles used to fabricate identities…but few seem to notice; in fact, many seem to embrace it…”

The first track off their upcoming album of the same title (set for release in March 2023), ‘Right Wing Planet’ adopts a charming, upbeat country sound; however, tinges of rock, blues and folk are inserted with Dominik’s drums, Pat and Desmond’s guitars, and Masataka’s bass. Interestingly enough, while ‘Right Wing Planet’ has a smile-inducing Americana style, there is a juxtaposition between the melancholic lyricism and intriguing melody. It might be this that really showcases Rodeo FM’s depth as a band.

Following their EP All the things you asked for, ‘Right Wing Planet’ has a sensitivity in its soundscape, but also a sense of authority. Pat’s warm vocals connect with audiences on an intimate level, but he also seems to be telling us facts and not a tender tale. His steady vocals are rich and warm, but the melody weaves a sense of despair and chilling anxiety in the background. The lament for our futures based on the difficulties faced in our present makes ‘Right Wing Planet’ a heart-breaking song that you want to listen to repeatedly.

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