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Track Review: RinRin // Seek The Truth

Looking at the cover that goes along with Australian singer-songwriter RinRin’s latest single ‘Seek the Truth’ can bring wrong expectations to potential listeners. Of course, there’s a mention of singer-songwriter here, so, possibly, some gentle pop or possibly EDM? But those possibilities might not get you very far.

The moment the song starts, some listeners might ask themselves a question: how do heavy metal, very heavy metal and pop go together? Or they might dig out a fact stuck somewhere in their mental files of that Finnish heavy metal band Lordi, who won the Eurovision song back in 2006 with ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah.” 

But that was possibly a joke that was taken seriously, or simply, a heavy metal song placed in a pop context. RinRin and her ‘Seek the Truth’ are completely another kettle of fish. The young artist is really trying to combine the two seemingly disparate genres into one, and she is doing it with ease and aplomb. Yes, we do get a touch of that gentle pop somewhere during the song, but only briefly, with RinRin sticking to her sense of melody and some excellent guitar riffs to boot.

Looking at what RinRin has been up to now such a combination is not a lucky one-off. After all, she started playing in her father’s cover band since she was 13 and played with the Perth emo-rock band Love Me Natalie. Still, it was hard to expect that she would be able to combine her love of heavy metal and true pop singers like Avril Lavigne with such ease, making ‘Seek the Truth’ something that could really set a trend.

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